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—— Online Design Website ——

At GoodWe, we have developed our own Solar PV design tool, which is free of charge.

The PV system designer will be able to select the appropriate GoodWe inverter based upon parameters entered into the design tool. The design parameters include: PV module type and quantity; the location of where the system is in the country (climate data); the angle of pitch of the panels, the orientation of the panels; cables losses etc.

For more information, please call:+44 (0)333 358 3184 or email us: enquiries@goodwe.co.uk

—— Technicalguidance ——
  • Providing extraordinary service for our customers is an essential part of the Goodwe culture an ethos instilled in our employees worldwide.

    The aim of setting up photovoltaic power stations is to ensure long-term payback. Nevertheless, to achieve this goal, the photovoltaic inverter must be durable and efficient but also backed up by regular servicing to obtain optimum performance. Goodwe will offer our customers a high-level technical and professional service. The experts team at Goodwe aim to exceed customer requirements and provide unparalleled levels of customer care.

  • Customers can get information on our products and services by calling our helpline. GoodWe's service team can respond to various questions about system design, installation, adjustment and trouble-shooting. For simple enquiries, our service personnel should be able to answer the question over the phone. If the issue is of a complicated technical nature, our technical team will contact you directly to resolve over the phone or in person.

    The system design includes photovoltaic modules, types of inverters, detailed plan for system design and detection systems. Goodwe provides our users with the best possible system design configuration.

  • Based on customer requirements, GoodWe service engineers will offer the customer a professional and speedy on-site installation and adjustment service to ensure the project progress until it can generate electricity; the high-quality service system can offer the speedy on-site failure diagnosis and provide a service for equipment replacement. According to the requirements of the customers, our technical service engineers can offer training for inverter installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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